10 Best Stethoscopes For Doctors, Nurses - Mar. 2018 Comparison and Reviews

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Let's compare some of the best Stethoscopes on the market in 2018

The stethoscope is an essential part of Medical Science and instrument. It is one of that first instrument which helped doctors and physicians to listen to the sound of the human heart and other body parts. Doctors have admitted that no matter how advanced technology and machines become, Stethoscopes will forever remain an essential instrument in a physical checkup. 

It is fast, reliable and easy to use making it so popular or rather an essential need of a doctor's bag. We are going to talk about Top Ten Best Stethoscopes 2018 and discuss details about them.

 Do not just go by the brand names, price, aesthetics, or hearsay when it comes to buying a stethoscope. You must consider all of the stethoscope components before purchasing as described below 

How Stethoscopes Work?

At their most basic, stethoscopes work by picking up the vibrations caused by a variety physiological functions via the chest piece, then transmitting them to our ears through the airtight tubing and headset.

In the case of traditional dual-head stethoscopes, this can be achieved by using either the wide, drum-like surface of the diaphragm (which collects vibrations directly from high-frequency sounds) or the smaller concave bell (which picks up vibrations on the skin caused by low-frequency sounds). These vibrations are then funneled through the narrow tubing directly to our ears, resulting in effective amplification.

What about the Ear piece?

When choosing the earpiece, make sure they are comfortable and of high-quality; they should give decent isolation, so the sounds picked up the stethoscope can be properly heard, and should be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. You can always purchase replacement earpieces for your stethoscope, if you prefer.

What Kind of Materials Are Stethoscopes Made From?

When purchasing a stethoscope, ensuring you get a high-quality diaphragm head is very important, as precision and smoothness will ensure it picks up the most accurate sound. Look for a head made of smooth, fine materials such as titanium or stainless steel, and be sure they have been polished perfectly smooth both inside and outside. You may find some made of high-quality plastics, but titanium or stainless steel will sound much better and provide much more accurate sound.

Parts Of Stethoscopes

Chest Piece




Ear Tips


Types of Stethoscopes

 Since patients’ diagnoses vary, so do stethoscopes. The heart and lungs, for example, may need you to use different stethoscopes for examination as they produce different sounds.

A physician may also need a different stethoscope for general practice, pediatric and emergency. These unique requirements are what lead to the manufacture of different types of stethoscopes as highlighted below

Electronic Stethoscope

Acoustic Stethoscopes

What type of stethoscope are you looking for?

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